Integrate BitBucket Plug-in Android Studio

This BitBucket Plugin removed in Jetbrains website now, so below link not working. Good news is this Plug is not required anymore. You may directly start from Enable VCS step below in Android Studio and then proceed next steps. Or else you may look at another detailed post here.

You can push project to Bit Bucket without using Terminal in Android Studio. To do that you need a Bitbucket plug-in.

Install BitBucket Plug-in

You can download BitBucket plugin from this link. After downloading zip file don’t unzip it. Goto Android Studio, press Ctrl+Alt+S, and search for Plugins in left panel. You will see Plugins tab in right panel.


Click on Install plugin from disk,


Select downloaded BitBucket zip file and Click on Apply,

BitBucket Plug-in

It’ll ask to restart Android Studio. Click Restart button.


Enable VCS

After restarting, Your BitBucket Plug in is installed and ready to use. Now to start Push all your project to BitBucket.

Goto- VCS menu-> and select Enable Version Control Integration.


You’ll be prompted to select Version control system for the project root, here select Git as Bit Bucket uses git system


Now Goto, BitBucket website and Create a new repository with same name as project.


You’ll see Command line syntax to init push code. Just copy the bitbucket origin Url as shown below.


Now Goto AndroidStudio, select project and Git->Add as shown below


And then Commit the changes as shown below.


Enter initial Comment for project and then select Commit and Push as shown below.


Here, You’ll ask to define remote,


Click on it and Enter URL that we copied from Bit Bucket command line syntax.


You’ll be able to Push code to the repository. Click on Push button


Now Go to, Bit bucket website you’ll see project files Committed to your repository.


That’s it. You just Pushed all your Project to Bit bucket without using Terminal window.

Hope it helps somebody.


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Heroku client internal error… Permission denied – git –version (Errno::EACCES) on Windows

Heroku client toolbelt CLI

Today, I installed Heroku client toolbelt CLI on my system, which installed Ruby and Git.

When i run command to know version, i see following error

C:Usersemployee2>heroku --version
! Heroku client internal error.
! Search for help at:
! Or report a bug at:

Error: Permission denied - git --version (Errno::EACCES)
Backtrace: C:/Program Files (x86)/Heroku/lib/heroku/git.rb:41:in ``'
C:/Program Files (x86)/Heroku/lib/heroku/git.rb:41:in `git_version'
C:/Program Files (x86)/Heroku/lib/heroku/git.rb:8:in `check_git_version'
C:/Program Files (x86)/Heroku/lib/heroku/cli.rb:36:in `start'
C:/Program Files (x86)/Heroku/bin/heroku:29:in `<main>'

Command: heroku --version
Version: heroku/toolbelt/3.23.1 (i386-mingw32) ruby/1.9.3


After some struggle on it, I check git PATH in Environmental Variables, and I found the issue is due to path. As this Heroku toolbelt installs Git in AppData/Local/Programs/, where permission is denied to access, resulting above issue.

So, I just uninstalled Git, and downloaded the latest version from Git link , installed to C:/Program Files(86)/Git
and set the PATH in Environment Variables as C:/Program Files(86)/Git/bin

Command: heroku --version
Version: heroku/toolbelt/3.23.1 (i386-mingw32) ruby/1.9.3

Solved the issue.

Now the command is working fine..
Hope it helps somebody.


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