Bottom layout below ScrollView Or ListView moving up along with Soft keyboard

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When you have a layout at bottom of the screen, below a ScrollView/ListView. If you have EditText to edit data,  when Softkeyboard pops up, the bottom layout moves up along with SoftKeyboard. And at times, it’s not require the bottom layout to moves up with Soft Keyboard.

bottom layout

To handle this, you just need to set this attribute to ScrollView Or ListView, keeps the layout at the bottom


Solves the issue.

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Themes not applying to ListView items Android

I applied themes for an app, Its worked fine for all screens except few screen which are having ListView custom items. Here is the cropped image of a ListView item row showing theme not apply to it



Here is the solution for it, I implemented a custom ArrayAdapter class and i call that class like this

CustomListAdapter adapter = new CustomListAdapter(getApplicationContext(), R.layout.listitem);

after so much search, I find the issue is with above line at


. See this link to know few more details.

So, I changed it to like this

CustomListAdapter adapter = new CustomListAdapter(ActivityName.this, R.layout.listitem);

Fixes the issue.. after that theme working fine with ListView item. and It shows like this below


Hope It helps somebody out there 🙂