Logcat Clearing too Fast- Eclipse

While running app on latest android devices, from ADT Eclipse, you may find difficulty in viewing LogCat data. As lots of other background services of different apps are running, logcat clearing out in a glimpse.

At this kind of situation, To view LogCat data you have to change a Eclipse setting as shown below..

Goto Window ->Preferences -> In left panel expand Android -> select LogCat -> here in right panel you can see Maximum number of LogCat messages to buffer set as 5000,

Change this value to some large number like 500000. Click Apply and then Ok. (You may get a Error notifying a preference change listener. just ignore it.)

logcat clearing

Now you can able to see LogCat data.

Hope it helps somebody.

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In Eclipse, how to edit commit message of local commit with EGit

Yes, we can edit commit message,

If you recognize that you missed something when committing a change you may edit commit message: open the staging view or commit dialog again

and specify that the current commit shall “amend” the previous commit in the current branch.
edit commit message
The new commit will then replace the previous one. This feature is often used to correct incorrect commits before they are published to other repositories.

Note: do not amend commits if they have already been published to a shared repository since this may disturb others if they already based their changes on the published change.

above is the excerpts from the
Eclipse documentation
Egit User guide

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For using Korean or Special characters in Eclipse editor Cp1252 character encoding issue

Eclipse editor Cp1252 character encoding issue

When you assigned a Simple korean text to a String variable. And try to Save the Jave file, You may see following error. The error says Some characters cannot be mapped using “Cp1252” character encoding. Either change encoding or remove the characters which are not supported by the Cp1252 character encoding

"Cp1252" character

Eclipse editor default character encoding is cp1252. Which doesn’t allow special characters. To solve this issue you have to change Character encoding.


You can change the character encoding by

right clk on Project-> Properties -> Go to Resource ->


See Text file encoding -> Select Other and change to UTF-8 -> Apply


Now you can save the file with Korean or any language special character text.

Hope this helps somebody.


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Failed to install apk on device timeout

In Eclipse ADT, Whenever you’re trying to run app on Android phone by connecting phone to PC. You may see this error Failed to install apk on device timeout. The reason for it ADB connection is closing before running app on device. To fix this issue you need to change ADB Connection timeout settings.

Please follow below step to fix this issue.

Try changing the ADB connection timeout. Defaults to 5000ms, change it to 10000ms to get rid of that problem.

In Eclipse, you can do this by going through Window → Preferences, then Android → DDMS and set ADB connection time out (ms)

device timeout


Issues with Android SDK tools rev.23 installed from SDK manager

ADT is deprecated as per Developer Android user guide , so links in this post may break or shows a different page. 

Since developer website removed ADT bundle download pages. If you want to download ADT bundle, Please see this link.

Hi Guys, If you are using ADT (Android Developer Toolkit) version 22.3.0.v, For any reason don’t install Android SDK Tools rev.23 from SDK manager. You will fall into many issues using ADT Eclipse editor. And finally, You cannot use Eclipse anymore.

After installing rev.23, I see this message.

Android SDK tools

This Android SDK requires Android Developer Toolkit version 23.0.0 or above. 
Current version is 22.3.0.v201310242005-887826. Please update ADT to the latest version.

and I see no way out to fix the issue. see this thread .

the only other solution, i found is download the latest ADT from this link. When I download and install adt-bundle-windows-x86_64-20140702, it has Juno eclipse editor version which is very buggy editor. And in this Juno editor, cannot dock views(i mean Console, Error log, Properties etc), in any other place then default place, I felt its annoying.

I hardly come out of issue, by grep through whole hard disk data, Luckily I’m able to find the copy of old version i.e. 22.0.1v (i mean adt-bundle-windows-x86_64-20130522) and used that.


Hope it helps somebody…. 🙂

Graphical Layout is blank and Eclipse reports rendering library more recent than your version of ADT plug-in

After installing a new Android SDK, I see Eclipse Graphical Layout is blank, rather showing the rendering of the layout.
And in Design window, it displays this message:

This version of the rendering library is more recent than your version of ADT plug-in.
 Please update ADT plug-in.

Work around for this is simply

Change android version as shown below
Graphical Layout

here i find this tip.

Hope it helps somebody…

How to get rid of “No grammar constraints (DTD or XML schema) detected for the document.” warning message

To get rid of “No grammar constraints (DTD or XML schema) detected for the document.” warning message

In Eclipse,

Window menu->

Go to the Preferences window, then XML ->

XML Files ->


Then in the Validating files section of the preferences panel on the right,

choose Ignore in the drop down box for the “No grammar specified” preference.

No grammar constraints

You may need to close the file and then reopen it to make the warning go away.

credits to Marc Bernstein, here is ref link

hope it helps somebody

In Eclipse, Egit’s Team context menu has only two options: Apply patch, Share Project

I come across this issue, after importing a new Git repository in Eclipse, with Egit’s Team context menu

Generally Team context menu shows as shown below

Where as Egit’s Team context menu has only two options: Apply patch, Share Project

Here is what i did to solve the issue,

  • Rightclick on your project and select:
  • Team -> Share Project… -> Git -> [check your project] -> Finish

Team context menu

It solves the issue. Credits to Martin peter. here is the ref link