How to enable Hibernate PC on Windows 10 OS

Hibernate PC

Hibernate PC saves electrical power. After hibernating, the hardware is powered down like a regular shutdown. Hibernation is a means of avoiding the burden of saving unsaved data before shutting down and restoring all running programs after powering back on.

How to put PC Hibernate

Click on Windows Start button – > And then click on Power button. It’ll show option to Hibernate. Click Hibernate.

Hibernate PC

If you not see Hibernate option in the above step follow below steps to enable it

On Windows 10 Os, This Hibernate option kept hidden by default. You need to enable it to show in Power button options. If you want to enable Hibernate option follow below steps.

Step 1: Mouse Right click on Start button. You’ll see menu as shown below, Select Control panel.

note: You have different options to open this Control panel. You may follow your own step to open Control panel.

Step 2: In Control Panel select Hardware and Sound

Step 3: In Hardware and Sound window, select Power Options

Step 4: In Power Options window, select Choose what the power buttons do.

Step 5: You will see System Settings window, In this screen at the bottom side you can observe the Hibernate option is unchecked but it’s in disbaled status.  To enable it, click on Change settings that are currently unavailable

Step 6: Now those bottom check boxes are Enabled. Check Hibernate and Save changes.

that’s it.

Now click on Start button -> and Power button, you’ll see Hibernate option shows there.

Hope it helps somebody

Cheers 🙂

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You need to complete the points below before you can publish your application-Play Store

When Publish your app in Google developer console

After adding all Store listings information, You may still see that Publish your app button is disabled and you can only Save Draft. When you click on Why can’t I publish? link you may see below reason.

You need to complete the points below before you can publish your application.

*  You need to acknowledge that this application meets the Content Guidelines.
*  You need to acknowledge that this application complies with US export laws.

If you just stuck on this, you just need to make one more step to be able to Publish app.

On left side menu panel, Click on Pricing and Distribution. Scroll to the bottom of the page that comes up. There you will find the place to acknowledge that the app meets Content Guidelines, and to acknowledge that it complies with US Export Laws. Just check these points and Save changes.

publish your

You’ll be able to Publish the app.

Cheers 🙂

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Useful Commands in a terminal/cmd prompt

Useful Commands

Here are few commands for Stop execution.

To stop execution of a command in the middle of a process..
On Linux terminal, Press Ctrl+Z. It will stop the execution..
On SQL terminal, Press Ctrl+C. It will stop the execution..
On Windows cmd(command prompt) terminal, Press Pause/Break button.

it stops the execution..

The following commands helps you to fix internet connectivity problem,

open cmd prompt as administrator. Below shows screenshot of opening cmd prompt as Administrator on windows 10.


and now run these command

ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /registerdns

netsh>winsock reset

Now restart PC, you can see Internet problem fixed.

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Quickest way to open a command prompt Windows

Quickest way to open a command prompt Windows

To open a command prompt quickly with a working directory of the current windows explorer folder on a Windows PC, you may try these

  • Hold Shift while Right-Clicking a blank space in the desired folder, you can see an option Open Command Window Here . This option available in vista, 7, 8 and 10 too

Quickest way

    • Open windows explorer, Click File menu at top left, you can see Open Command Prompt menu item, when you focus on it, it will open sub menu, with two options Open Command Prompt, and Open Command Prompt as As Administrator. Right-Click on a option and select Add to Quick Access Toolbar.


cmd prompt will be added to Quick Access Toolbar at the top right as shown below, you can, So you can click on it whenever you need a cmd prompt with working directory


cheers 🙂

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How to know Windows PC Motherboard model using Diagnostic Tool

At times, we may need to know PC Manufacturer, Motherboard model  etc details, to download and install PC drivers.

DirectX Diagnostic Tool to see Windows PC Motherboard model

Below is the steps to know these details..

  • In run dialog, type as dxdiag and press OK.


  • You can see the following dialog box, highlighted is the manufacturer and system model(Modelboard) details.

Motherboard model

Now you can Search and download supporting drivers.


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KMPlayer, not showing full screen videos anymore

I got a problem in KMPlayer, which it is showing videos only in the top left corner of the screen even in full screen. I tried reinstalling, but the problem wasn’t solved. I searched for a solution and found this.

Follow this instruction so as to preview “Advance Video Option” in your list
Right Click on the Kmplayer screen –> Go to “option” –> Select “Advance Menu”

then follow these steps:Start a movie then on the movie in kmplayer press right mouse button, then go to”Video(Advanced)/ Video renderer/ ..and choose video renderer as vmr9 renderless or Vmr widowed

Solved the issue….

Hope it helps someone…. 🙂

How to remove uTorrent toolbar from Google chrome, Firefox

Uninstall the uTorrent toolbar

After installing uTorrent on your PC. You might see uTorrent toolbar added to browsers (Firefox, Google Chrome etc). This toolbar is no use unless you need to download a torrent file. So, If you want to uninstall the uTorrent toolbar.

Goto Firefox > Tools > Add-ons 
and Uninstall toolbar in this particular case
1)Conduit Engine
2)uTorrentBar Community ToolBar

Google Chrome
Go to Settings-> Extensions
Remove uTorrent toolbar 
Also remove Conduit Engine if its there.

uTorrent toolbar

That’s it 🙂


Disable opening of PDF files in Chrome browser

After downloading PDF files in Chrome browser, if you click on the downloaded file that is shown at the bottom panel. Chrome browser opens that file in a new tab.

At times you may feel you just want to download and see it later in Adobe Reader instead. Here is the quick fix for it.

To disable this feature
In Chrome browser, Browse

you can see different plugins there.
Here disable the Chrome PDF Viewer plugin and Adobe Reader plug in.

below is the screen after disable plugin

PDF files in Chrome browser

Now restart chrome, and you can try download a PDF file. and It’ll open with Adobe Reader application if you click on the downloaded file.

Hope it helps somebody..

Cheers 🙂

Heroku client internal error… Permission denied – git –version (Errno::EACCES) on Windows

Heroku client toolbelt CLI

Today, I installed Heroku client toolbelt CLI on my system, which installed Ruby and Git.

When i run command to know version, i see following error

C:Usersemployee2>heroku --version
! Heroku client internal error.
! Search for help at:
! Or report a bug at:

Error: Permission denied - git --version (Errno::EACCES)
Backtrace: C:/Program Files (x86)/Heroku/lib/heroku/git.rb:41:in ``'
C:/Program Files (x86)/Heroku/lib/heroku/git.rb:41:in `git_version'
C:/Program Files (x86)/Heroku/lib/heroku/git.rb:8:in `check_git_version'
C:/Program Files (x86)/Heroku/lib/heroku/cli.rb:36:in `start'
C:/Program Files (x86)/Heroku/bin/heroku:29:in `<main>'

Command: heroku --version
Version: heroku/toolbelt/3.23.1 (i386-mingw32) ruby/1.9.3


After some struggle on it, I check git PATH in Environmental Variables, and I found the issue is due to path. As this Heroku toolbelt installs Git in AppData/Local/Programs/, where permission is denied to access, resulting above issue.

So, I just uninstalled Git, and downloaded the latest version from Git link , installed to C:/Program Files(86)/Git
and set the PATH in Environment Variables as C:/Program Files(86)/Git/bin

Command: heroku --version
Version: heroku/toolbelt/3.23.1 (i386-mingw32) ruby/1.9.3

Solved the issue.

Now the command is working fine..
Hope it helps somebody.


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Keyboard shortcut for switching tabs in Chrome browser

Switching tabs in Chrome browser.

Useful keyboard shortcuts to quickly switching tabs in Chrome browser.

switching tabs

There are different ways to switch tabs using keyboard shortcuts on   Windows Chrome browser like:

To switch to the next tab:
Ctrl+Tab or Ctrl+PgDown

To switch to the previous tab:
Ctrl+Shift+Tab or Ctrl+PgUp

To switch to a specific tab:
Ctrl+1 to Ctrl+8 (ctrl + 1 or whichever number tab you want to goto. The third tab would be ctrl + 3)

To switch to the last tab:

Cheers 🙂