How to disable Auto Correction to avoid wrong input when typing text Messages in Android Phone

At times, when you chatting with your friends in your local language using English text. You may see typed text is Auto corrected to some English vocabulary text, which will change whole meaning of the message. You may wonder about the wrong sent message. It’s due to Auto Correction feature in Phone Keyboard settings which is turn ON┬áby default.

Simple reasons for disable Auto Correction

I’ve seen many of my friends get annoyed with this Auto Correction feature in Android Phone. Its useful if you type a good English text. But when you typing local language in English then you may feel bad if any wrong message is sent over by this Auto Correction feature. And also you have to be cautious before sending message itself, to recheck typed text whether it has your heartfelt text or its changed to something else. etc

To avoid this problem, Its always better to disable auto correction for typing in phone. Below gives details for disable Auto correction text.


Go to Settings -> Language & Input

Auto Correction

Now Select Virtual Keyboard


Select Gboard


Now Select Text Correction


here you’ll see Auto-Correction is turned ON.


Just click on it to turn it Off.

That’s it. Now next time on wards you can type your messages freely without any worry about auto text correction.

Hope it helps somebody

(Given Images are on Moto G4 Plus, Android Nougat version.)

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