Jar mismatch! Fix your dependencies, ADT Eclipse

I see this exception Jar mismatch! Fix your dependencies, while working on a project in ADT Eclipse editor

In the logcat, I see as below

Found 2 versions of android-support-v4.jar in the dependency list,
but not all the versions are identical (check is based on SHA-1 only at this time).
All versions of the libraries must be the same at this time.

Solution for Jar mismatch

To fix this issue,

I followed following steps to fix

  • Right Click the project
  • Go To "Android Tools" > "Add Support Library"
  • Approve the permissions and let it update the library
  • If you have a library project, Repeat this process for the project App Library too.
  • Now Clean project and rebuild fixes the issue.

Jar mismatch

Hope it helps somebody

ref link: http://stackoverflow.com/a/24609733/341443

cheers 🙂

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